Concept Projects

web design template for an architecture studio
Logo for an architecture studio

The process of choosing an architect studio to work on your dream project can be intimidating. the goal of this website is to exudes soft and sophisticated aesthetics using elegant typography a calming color palette with subtle textures to create a sense of serenity and peace of mind knowing that the client is in the right place.

web design template for a solar company
logo for a solar company

SunWave is a solar installation company specialized in commercial and residential istallations. Inspired by the dawn of a new era, our design embodies the company's commitment to powering a brighter and greener future. In this project, we used a combination of natural colors to evoke feelings of trust, reliability, and eco-friendliness.

web design template for a boat repair company
logo for a boat repair company

Blue wave is a boat repair company. The goal of this website was to effectively showcase the company's services. In this project, we used combination of blues and whites to create a calming and trustworthy visual identity. additonally, we used subtle wave pattern or texture to give a more high end finish.

Web design template for an auto repair company
logo for an auto repair company

Vanguar is a renewed auto repair company. In this project, we aimed to create a visual identity that is both attention-grabbing and professional, while also conveying the sense of safety, reliability, and assurance that the client's car is in good hands.